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Tips and Trick for Getting your Home Ready for Cold Weather in the Fall and Winter

As the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to change color, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your home for cold weather. Here are some tips and tricks to get your home ready for fall and winter:

1. Inspect your home’s exterior for any cracks or holes that need to be sealed. It is important to inspect your home's exterior for any cracks that need to be sealed before a cold winter. You can do this by looking for any cracks in the foundation, walls, or roof. If you find any cracks, you should seal them with caulking or another sealant to prevent cold air from coming into your home.

2. Clean out your gutters and downspouts. This will help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. Ice dams can do a lot of damage to your home. They can cause your gutters to leak and your shingles to come loose. They can also cause your foundation to settle and your windows to crack.

3. Check your windows and doors to make sure they are properly sealed. Depending on the size and location of the door or window, there are a few different ways to properly seal it. For smaller openings, weather-stripping or caulk can be used. Larger openings may require the use of a door or window sealant. For doors, there are also door sweeps that can be installed at the bottom to help seal the opening. Various materials can be used for these methods, but it is important to choose one that is compatible with the door or window material and will not cause damage.

4.Reverse your ceiling fans. A lot of folks have no idea this is actually possible. Most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to change the direction of the blades. During the winter, you want the blades to rotate clockwise. This will help push the warm air down into the room.

5. Get your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected. This is important to do every year to prevent fires. If you do not keep your wood burning fireplace clean and inspected, you run the risk of starting a house fire. A wood burning fireplace produces a lot of soot and debris that can build up and cause a fire. Additionally, if you do not have your fireplace inspected regularly, you could miss cracks or other problems that could also cause a fire.

6. Stock up on firewood. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have enough firewood to last you through the winter.

7. Keep your furnace happy and the air in your home fresh by changing your HVAC air filter. A clean filter will help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently. Pick a day of the month and make a habit of changing it on that specific date every month.

8. Have your furnace serviced. This is important to do every year to ensure it is running properly and safely. The professional technician at RJW can make sure your system is up to the job of keeping you and your family warm and toasty all season long.

9. Bring in any outdoor furniture and décor that won’t get much use when it’s cold. This will help protect your belongings from the harsh winter weather

10. Add some cozy touches to your home. Some things that can make your home feel cozier in the winter are throws, blankets, and pillows. By following these tips, you can help your home stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

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