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Being without heat during the winter can be a miserable experience, especially when you have to wait for service because everyone else in town is having the same problem. That’s why annual heating tune-ups are critical. Annual tune-ups help optimize the performance of your furnace, reducing your chances of having to put up with an unexpected breakdown.

For all of your heating tune-up needs, you can count on RJW Mechanical as your local heating maintenance expert. We help homeowners in Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, and Bentonville get the most from their heating systems with regular professional heating tune-up service and specials.

Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

There are several benefits to scheduling early and regular maintenance for your heating system. With regular heating maintenance, you can:

Stay warm at home

During your heating tune-up, technicians are able to catch small problems before they become serious issues, minimizing downtime of your heating system.

Avoid costly repairs

Up to 70% of heating repairs can be prevented with proper maintenance. Even one heating tune-up will go a long way in preventing costly repairs and breakdowns.

Improve home energy efficiency

Much like your car, your heating system needs annual maintenance to continue running efficiently. During a tune-up, a technician will clean, inspect, and test your system, helping you save on energy costs.

Extend the life of your furnace

Did you know that annual maintenance can prolong the life of your heating system by up to 10 years? Regular maintenance will help you get the most from your heating system investment.

When Should I Have My Heating System Serviced?

If you want peace of mind that you’ll be warm and cozy all winter long, we recommend annual heating tune-ups. The best time of year to schedule furnace maintenance is in the fall or early winter, before you need to turn on your furnace. You may not be able to completely prevent heating system breakdowns, but you can help avoid them while saving money and maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty with professional maintenance from RJW Mechanical.

RJW Mechanical: Expert Heating Maintenance in Fayetteville

Our trusted technicians are familiar with every heating system make and model and are always comprehensive and thorough with every tune-up. When you schedule a tune-up appointment with us, we will assess every aspect of your furnace including its age, performance, efficiency, and reliability. We’ll pinpoint issues such as strange noises, changing colors in the burner flame, or impurities in your indoor air and then make recommendations based on the unique aspects of your furnace. If it turns out your furnace or heat pump needs repair or replacement, we can take care of that as well while recommending the best route for you.

Need to schedule a tune-up for your heating system? Call or contact RJW Mechanical to get started!



  • Get 15% OFF repairs

  • Automatic, regular inspection service

  • 5-year guarantee on parts we replace

  • Priority front-of-the-line service

  • Discounts on service calls

  • No overtime charges on repairs


“Thank you for your prompt and excellent service! The a/c is divine, and I changed the filter. You were right. It's a 20x25x1.”

Judy Palmer
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