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Family owned and veteran operated, RJW Mechanical has been providing homeowners in the local Fayetteville community with professional quality HVAC service at an affordable price for over 15 years. At the heart of our unmatched service is a core team that deeply understands the concepts involved in heating, cooling, and ventilation. With RJW Mechanical, you have a reliable partner who will consistently make sure your home is comfortable and efficient.

What Sets Us Apart

With so many options in the Fayetteville HVAC market, making an informed decision can seem like the luck of the draw. We provide expert service using the highest quality HVAC products, meaning you never have to rely on luck to get the best HVAC service in the area.

Local Knowledge

Being based in Fayetteville means that we know the specific challenges that our local climate can bring and how best to deal with them.

Industry Expertise

By keeping up with the latest HVAC product and technique trends, our team are true experts with a body of knowledge that's perfectly attuned to your situation.

Absolute Professionalism

When you hire us for an HVAC job, we arrive on time, complete the work in a timely manner, and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We’ll get the job done right the first time.

Pricing Transparency

There are no hidden markups on our invoices, and our trusted technicians will gladly show you what other HVAC firms would charge for the same or similar services.

Reliable Service

We understand that heating and cooling problems are never convenient, especially in the frigid cold or scorching heat. That’s why we offer true 24-hour emergency service.

Fayetteville’s HVAC Specialists

Our time in Fayetteville has taught us that no property is immune to HVAC problems, and there's always room for improvement. Whether you live right here in Fayetteville or nearby in Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, or Bella Vista, we’re here to help you find the right heating and cooling solutions for your home.

We employ only trusted and experienced technicians who we would trust to work in our own homes. We also work with high-quality products and provide upfront pricing, meaning you can expect real results at a price you can afford. With 24/7 emergency service and convenient service plan agreements, keeping your home comfortable has never been easier.

Looking for a Fayetteville area HVAC expert you can trust? 

Contact RJW Mechanical or call 479-443-9331 to schedule a consultation!



  • Get 15% OFF repairs

  • Automatic, regular inspection service

  • 5-year guarantee on parts we replace

  • Priority front-of-the-line service

  • Discounts on service calls

  • No overtime charges on repairs


“Thank you for your prompt and excellent service! The a/c is divine, and I changed the filter. You were right. It's a 20x25x1.”

Judy Palmer
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